Welcome to the Electrical Integrity webpage.  These pages are maintained as a service to the professional signal and power integrity engineering community.  Feel free to browse these pages; all links on the left, except the last one, are accessible without any restriction or registration.  The content is split between signal and power integrity, as also illustrated by the logos to the left and right of the title.  The two logos are fancy-looking colorful graphs, but they are actually relevant to signal and power integrity.  If you are curious about the technical meaning of the logos, click on them to view brief explanations.  With questions or comments please write to: istvan.novak@ieee.org

Paper download section: it is a collection of manuscripts and presentation files.  Unless otherwise noted, they are in Adobe Acrobat file format.  The file types and approximate file sizes are noted next to each item.  Many of the files are corrected and extended versions of what appeared in the journal or conference proceedings. Here, too, please read the disclaimer and copyright notice on the bottom of the Paper download page before you download the material.

Tool download section: offers simplified versions of some of the illustration tools that I developed over the past many years for my courses to illustrate important phenomena and principles in signal and power integrity.  The ones posted here run in Excel.  Most of them contain macros to enable complex calculations, animation or sweep, so to fully utilize their capabilities you have to enable macros upon opening.  The posted spreadsheets were tested in Windows Excel 2003, Excel 2007, Excel 2013 and Excel 2016, though running them in Excel 2007 or later may result in slower update due to the much larger address space.  Please read the disclaimer and copyright notice on the bottom of the Tool download page before you download and use the tools.

QuietPower page is the home of the QuietPower columns: power distribution  tidbits, recommendations and best-practice overviews written for the SI-Journal, PCB Design 007 and EDN,web portals.  

Links page is a collection of web links that I found useful for signal and power integrity purposes.  It lists relevant books, CAD tools, hardware and software resources, component and instrument manufacturers as well as knowledge data bases.  The list is updated, and the links are verified, at least a couple of times each year, but with the live nature of the world-wide web, there can be no guarantee that all links would work in between updates.

Class participants section: this is reserved for the attendees of my signal and power integrity training classes, and to enter, you need a password. Since 1990, I have been teaching signal and power integrity courses in my personal time, developed with my personal resources.  To get the latest schedule of classes, please visit the websites of the organizers:  CEI-Europe and University of Oxford.
If you have questions or comments, please write to: istvan.novak@ieee.org

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