This page is the home of the QuietPower columns: power distribution  and signal-integrity tidbits, recommendations and best-practice overviews written for the SI Journal, PCB Design 007 and EDN web portals. 

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Introducing an Upcoming IEEE Packaging Benchmark
How PCB Manufacturing and Assembly Details Affect SI and PI Board Performance
The Hidden Connections Between SI and PI
3D Effects in Power Distribution Networks
Mitigation of Power Plane Resonances
Uncompensated DC Drop in Power Distribution Networks
Ask the Experts: PDN Filters
In Power Distribution, Loss May Be Your Friend but Inductance is Your Enemy
My Home Lab
Why You Need to Care for Both S or Z Parameters for PDN
Be Aware of Default Values in Circuit Simulators
Do You Really Need that Ferrite Bead in the PDN?
Printed Circuit Board Fixtures for Power Integrity
Why 2-Port Low-Impedance Measurements Still Matter
How Much Signal Do We Lose Due to Reflections?
What You Need to Know About Bypass Capacitor S-Parameter Models
Co-planar Fixtures for Bypass Capacitor Testing
Making a Steamy, Hairy Golf Ball
Preamplifier Options for Reducing Cable Braid Error
Measurement to Simulation Correlation on Thin Laminate Test Boards
Simple Fixtures Made of SMA Connectors
Solder-wick Trick Characterizes Bypass Caps
The SI Perils of Power Via stubs
DesignCon: Personal Reflections on the Past Twenty Years
Causal Power Plane Models
The Perils of Right-angle Turns at DC
How Much Capacitance Do We Really Get
Charge Delivery Time or Impedance
Connections to Evaluation Boards
Evaluating Evaluation Boards
Dynamic Models for Passive Components
How to Design a PDN for Worst Case?
Worst-Case PDN Noise
Avoid Overload in Gain-Phase Measurements
DC Bias Effect in Ceramic Capacitors
Prophecy from the past
Vertical Resonances in Ceramic Capacitors
Checking Cable Performance with Vector Network Analyzer
Comparing Cable Shields
Cable Quality Matters
Dont Forget to Terminate Cables
Memories from Early Years of DesignCon
What is New About Thin Laminates in 2013?
Do Not Measure Across Capacitors!
How to Read the ESR Curve
What is the Best Method for Probing a PDN?
Will Power Planes Disappear?
Do Bypass Capacitors Change Plane Resonances?
Be Careful with Tlines in Plane Models
Simulating Planes with SPICE
Does Dk Matter for Power Distribution?
How Thin Laminates Suppress Resonances
Resonances in Power Planes
Thin Laminates: Buried Capacitance or What?
Reflections on DesignCon 2011
Power Distribution and the Big Bang
Do Not Perforate Planes Unnecessarily
Don't Double-Count Plane Inductance
Inductance of Bypass Capacitors, Part III
Inductance of Bypass Capacitors, Part II
Inductance of Bypass Capacitors, Part I
Why PI Design is More Difficult than SI
Why S11 VNA Measurements Donít Work for PDN Measurements
PDN Measurements: Reducing Cable-Braid Loop Error
Calculating Basic Resonances in the PDN
How Many Bypass Capacitors Do We Need?

Last updated: April 28, 2024